If you're someone who's always looking for new things in water adventure, you know for a fact that there are a lot of things to do other than fishing. It really does not matter if they call you a hunter, boat enthusiast, angler, fisherman, or even an explorer; what's important is that you profess your love for any kind of adventure on and above water. And while you've doing this for many years now, we bet you've never tried something quite unique like riding on round boats. But we're not talking about just any kind of round boats. 

If you know your history, you probably have heard or is already familiar with the term, "coracle." If you aren't, it's actually a small round boat used both for transportation and fishing in the calm waters of Wales and several parts of England centuries ago. There are evidences in the form of cave paintings that coracles may have already been used in as early as the Bronze Age, which suggests that it could have been one of the earliest forms of transportation used by humans. 

Anyhow, history tells us that the rounded design concept of the coracle was so effective in giving ancient people a convenient ride in bodies of water that it lasted for centuries. As a matter of fact, there even are boat builders today that emulate the design of the centuries-old transportation and build modern ones with the best attributes a small boat can have, including better stability, lightweight, easy maneuverability, and stress-free handling. 

The modern version of the historical round boat now carries amenities and features that weren't present in its original inception. The retention of the round shape and the remarkable handling proved effective and successful in combining them with a more spacious deck, multiple storage spaces and compartments, and a hull with a flat bottom design. To understand more about round boats, visit 

The Roundabout Watercrafts itself is light and thin, while also maintaining an open radius. That is what makes this round, one-man boat very different and completely unique when compared to other round boats out there. Even though it is small, the design in general allows it to have the best possible stability and safety when in the water. 


So if you're into a one-man adventure out to calm waters for stuff like fishing, angling, or simply wanting some adventure with some "me-time" flavor in it, it's time to try this amazing round boat concept. It's one of those distinctive personal watercraft ideas that's new and certainly deserves a try, click here to purchase one now!